Sleep. by Bertrand

The first smart sleep tracker for iPhone and Android


While working for Norway’s largest performance coach company, Bertrand AS, I came up with an idea for a Sleep cycle app for iOS and Android that would utilise tracking capabilities within our smartphones to help you improve your sleep.

Most sleep trackers available only had the functionality to wake you up when you were sleeping lightly and it would be easy to wake you up. They didn’t change the fact that most people don’t get enough sleep. That’s the problem we wanted to tackle.

For this project, we put together a team consisting of UX designers, neuroscientists, back-end developers and native iOS and Android developers.

Dark mode and light mode.

My role was to make sure the vision was kept from idea to finished product. A lot of the time that meant talking with both the neuroscientists and the developers and making sure that both parties understood what we were building and maintaining our direction towards a common goal.


  • Sleep tracking and sleep pattern recognition.
  • Light mode and dark mode.
  • Server-side algorithm analysis.
  • Sleep improvement suggestions for the individual user.
  • Help you fall asleep faster.
  • Binaural beats to help you fall asleep.

Sleep analysis and improvement suggestions.

To help the users better improve their sleep we used their individual tracking data together with their feedback and geographical data. Sleep. by Bertrand also connected with Apple Health to access activity data from other apps to further improve our algorithms.

Alarm and permissions.

Ukas app (App of the week)

A few years ago VG, one of Norway’s largest daily newspapers, had a column called App of the week. It came out a few times a year featuring noteworthy mobile apps. Sleep. by Bertrand was awarded App of the week as the first app in 2015.

App of the week in VG, January 2015.

Apple iOS 10

In September 2016 Apple released iOS 10 which had some of the functionality from Sleep. by Bertrand built into the OS. They called it bedtime. Bedtime has since been updated and it’s now iOS users first choice when it comes to sleep trackers.

The first version of Bedtime was released with iOS 10.

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