Nabobudet – Making a candy delivery service in Oslo

Norway’s smallest and nicest online kiosk.

Together with two good friends, we developed the business we were missing ourselves. Nabobudet delivered whatever you might need (or just want) after regular supermarkets were closed, like chocolate or toilet paper.

The desktop version of the kiosk.


Between February and April 2016 we did research, design business development and built the online platform. We chose to custom build a multisite e-commerce WordPress solution to accommodate our rapid production schedule.

Shopping cart


On April 1th 2016 we opened up in two different neighbourhoods in Oslo.

A flyer used for the opening weekend.


To market Nabobudet we heavily used Facebook, Instagram and flyers. On our opening night, we got 25 sales on flyers only. Check out what we did on Facebook.

Nabobudet also delivered ice cream, snacks and food to different parks around the city.

My role

I was one of the co-founders of Nabobudet and the overall business designer. Being a small group everyone had to put on different hats, and amongst my responsibilities was the overall progress and vision. I was also in charge of the technical implementation of WordPress.


Our goal was to validate our business model. Between April and August 2016 we served over 300 different customers making a profit of 50 000 NOK. The density of supermarket and kiosk with long hours in Oslo is big and we don’t see the market as big enough all though some of our customers still want us back and others would like us to expand to different cities.

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