Yearclock – A personal project to help me cope with fact that time is flying too fast.

Detailed image of the clock.

I’m a time optimistic person, and to help my self cope with the fact that time is flying faster than my brain can perceive, I made a wall clock to visually tell me where we are throughout the year. A calendar just doesn’t do it for me.

How I see time.

For me the year is a circle where July is on the top and December is on the bottom. Spring and fall tends to move fast and I often think I have more time left before the end of a semester.

The finished clock hanging on my wall.

If you’re wondering why I have July on the top you should check out this article by NRK Beta (in norwegian). They’ve actually asked people how they interpret time.

The original IKEA clock the Yearclock is based on.

To make the clock I bought a cheap wall clock from IKEA with a regular quartz movement and a Arduino micro-ship to control the movement of the hand.

The Arduino and new batterypack bypassing the Quartz crystal in the clock.

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